Toyota Tundra vent covers (set of 4) great if you plan to sand/paint

Toyota Tundra vent covers (set of 4) great if you plan to sand/paint

PRESALE***LIMITED Toyota Vent cover rings. Clip on covers that snap on over that m'fin chrome. These will be 3D printed in black only. They will have a rough finish. You will need to sand and paint them yourself (don't be scurred you can do it) which is a lot easier then pulling the dash apart to install the other similar product out there. The product pic above is AFTER it has been sanded, primed, painted and painted with matte clear. It takes one day to do the prep and paint -  don't rush it, take your time. These are not made from a mold so they do not ship with a perfectly smooth finish. I repeat these will need to be sanded - so no griping about the finish ;)

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