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Time to Give Back!!!

With the great success of the last drop and the continued support of this crew I have some big things in store for the next drop. I have great pride announcing that our next drop will feature a Limited Sticker that is going to be bigger then the rest. Coming in at 4"x4" but this sticker has a lot more to it. It was designed by a girl named Madison and she wanted more then anything for me to take her design and get it to the people! Well we are gonna do one better then that. We are going to offer this sticker so we can raise some money for the Kids!!! She asked that the proceeds benefit Saint Judes and damn it people we are not gonna let her down. I am gonna need all you to raise awareness and get out your wallets when this goes live. If you follow me on Insta please share my posts about this when we get to that point also spread the word through your social platforms. Id love to make a donation in her name that we can all be proud of and give the kids a reason to dream big. I plan on dropping this in the next few weeks but I want to give you guys a head start so you can round up the Toyo masses.

Get some!!!!!!

Thank you for your inspiration Madison...............TOYOMAFIA! @toyomafiaworld

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